Our cream cheese is multi award winning..

French Garlic and Herb

A delicious traditional French whipped cream cheese with added fresh garlic and herbs grown in the sun-drenched fields of France.

With natural garlic and herb ingredients that have been delicately balanced alongside an airy and light texture our cream cheese delivers a superb fresh taste that the whole family will love.  The whipped cream cheese means you can lift the lid and just start dipping. We only use fresh herbs and never dried in our cream cheese which enhances the flavour and creates an unrivalled fresh taste.

The simplicity makes this cream cheese truly delicious and a must have in your fridge. 


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Good to Know

Our French Garlic & Herb cheese is available in 135g pot.

Store in the fridge between +2°C and +6 °C. Consume within a week after opening.

To flavour taste and whipped texture we recommend keeping the lid on.