Produced in Brittany to a French recipe


We couldn’t keep it to ourselves any longer

Paysan Breton has been around in France for over 50 years and we couldn’t keep it to ourselves any longer, we felt it was now time to share our scrumptious whipped cream cheese. Paysan Breton cream cheese is produced in Brittany to a French recipe, we source all our ingredients from France and the surrounding countrysides.


No preservatives, artificial colouring or flavours

We pride ourselves on our ingredients, you won’t find preservatives or artificial colouring and flavours in any of our products. All our ingredients are fresh and never dried. The love and care we put into sourcing our ingredients is testament to the natural great taste that you will find in every pot of Paysan Breton cream cheese.

Our Paysan Breton cream cheese is just one of the many products that you will find in our great dairy range produced by our passionate farmers. We lovingly create lots of butter, cheese, milk and crêpes in Brittany and supply these in France and across the world.


We must not forget our happy cows

They play an important part in Paysan Breton cream cheese as happy cows produce the best milk and we only put the best milk in our products. We know that we have happy cows as Paysan Breton is a cooperative owned by passionate farmers dedicated to the welfare of their cows. The cows are expertly cared for on small family farms in the Brittany area where they purposely keep the number of cows per farm low so they can thrive in a happy environment.